Sony evil is Microsoft worship.
Revelations for Pichu and
 Pikachu's immaculate creation.,
that equates a whole lot of money
  and the 'Missingno' of game glitches.
 Cube synergy voids 2-company system.
4-players voids Windows god.
 I bet you can't handle Mew.

Microsoft is a sacriligeous institution.
Only SSBM makes you godly.
Without SSBM, where are you?
Without SSBM, is there god?
  Death to counterfeit cartridges
  and ROM hunters everywhere -
  destroying videogame industry. 

  Front composed of four ports.
  1 corner human knows but left side.
 One-player is less fun than the family form
of 4-player beatdowns.
1 human  equates  boredom.
Miyamoto is creation body.
 Mario is the perpetual body.
Humans bartered their soul
   to get Pokemon stuff.
  $1,000.00 to one disproving the Gamecube.
$100.00 for 1 MIT student found not playing Gamecube
 Cube. $500.00 for 1 MIT professor eat-
ing Gamecube. To be awarded after dessert.
Theoretical Panasonic's powerful processors are the
4 fundamental forces within Gamecube.
Gamecube is is F.F.E. or Fun for Everyone.
It is Reminiscence in the Corporeal Realm.  It is the Holy
Grail of old-school geekdom.  It is the Ultimate Nostalgia Trip.  It
is the Rose-colored Glasses Theory.  It is the Cube
to End all Cubes - and is a totally different
 platform from the G4 Mac Cube.
Awareness of the Gamecube can lead to academic ignorance.
Gamecube lecture at E3
May 25th, 3
   to 5 pm in Lecture Hall 08-4567.
  Lecture for  media  people only. Also sneaky kids.
Your Gates is invited to attend
and a chair will be prepared.

Will 'fun for all ages' be allowed,
 or will blinded bigotry prevail
 in pimply dorks & whining about the lack of blood
by and suppressing Gamecube?
  Remember "Little Mac".
How many chump diedwhile
trying to defeat Iron Mike?
  Does Iron Mike honor those chumps?
Iron Mike did not defeat Soda Popinski.
Ought not go for a stomach jab,
when a uppercut to the jaw will suffice?
Bald Bull is overrated -
 hit him in the stomach when he charges.
 Glass Joe is not difficult at all.
Don Flamenco has cool hair.
Soda Popinski is really Vodka Drunkenski, despite what we told you.   Also
 We should issue a Punch-Out! remake sometime
and make it into the next Pokemon.
 Gotta punch 'em all,
and sell lots of marketing slop.
A 'Big Bang' for DVD-Based systems.
A 2-port console = a two-wheeled car.
A 4-port console = God.
4 ports allow for melee,
but doesn't cut out three players either.
Gamecube more Cubic than thou.
Miyamoto is wiser than all gods and
scientists, for  he has created
over 4 simultaneous series with
delightful characters all in one
console, though sometimes they are delayed
they are always perfect.
The years spent waiting for Mario to arrive
mean nothing when you revolve the plumber around Bowser.
Miyamoto has created entire universes
of 'human experience'.

Humans are educated stupid
because they are really dumb
and cannot even comprehend
the Gamecube programming code
when our god Miyamoto explains it to them.
Sony enslaves human mind
with its third parties.
Third is unnatural and must
be relied upon to rein in the market.
DVDs have deadly virus
that will destroy your system.

Game Cube's ineffable Truth.
'Cubeless World' is not Truth.
 Sony justifies all human evil.
  Game Cube is a test for Truth.
  Rectangular design is slop bucket.
Cube sales 75% not Cube sales.
Evil is 75%, belief and truth is 25%.
Game Cube is all that is good and right.

There is 'absolute proof' that
You are Sony stupid.

Videogames are a Nintendian Princple,
& you are too dumb to know.
To ignore it is to support evil.
 Microsoft makes little children work in sweatshops,
   so no tycoons are worth saving.

Sony is Microsoft is Sony is Microsoft.

Think of the Game Cube as a 4-cornered monolith of Truth-
room  representing  the 4 powers of  Mario, Link, Pikachu, and Kirby.
They will show the stoopid such as yourself the true path to enlightenment.
1-power mustachioed plumber singularity - that
equates to the Messiah.

Microsoft builds word bomb,
kinda like old  Trojan Horse
filled with deadly deception and empty promises.


Mario has a lion's share 
Pokemon has slightly less 
Link Holds The Middle 
Kirby is for the dedicated 
1 - 4 PLAYER Smash Melee 
4 ports - no need to take turns 
Mario has a sunshine 
Link hve a stalfos-knight 
Pikachu has a rare candy lvl-up 
Kirby has a bright day 
i do not know what I am saying either

Sony fandom is a lie.
Your CD is someone else's DVD, someone else's Minidisc and even someone else's 8-track. Do you know that Nintendo is a simultaneous 4-player cube that rotates on startup every day it is started on earth? You are Sony stupid and unable to know Nintendos's 4-Player Game Cube Creation.

 Are You Mewtwoish?

 Public Warning

The Power Above God.

Pedantic Mind Control